Luxury Yacht Accommodation

luxury Yacht Accommodation on Sydney Harbour


Luxury Yacht Accommodation

Tired of experiencing Sydney the same old way? Never been on a holiday to Sydney and want to experience it in the most luxurious and exclusive way? Experienced Sydney before but want to see Sydney from a different point of view?  Sydney Harbour Luxe Charters provides a unique accommodation alternative. A completely exclusive luxury yacht accommodation.

Lets be honest, when you book a hotel in Sydney you are always trying to find that perfect position to view the iconic Sydney Harbour. These hotels are normally located in the hustle and bustle of the city and you have to compete with the crowds commuting to and from work. Not to mention, you never really get that privacy you are really after and you find yourself not being able to completely relax.

Sydney Harbour Luxe Charters provides luxury yacht accommodation on Sydney Harbour. A night on the picturesque Sydney Harbour is an essential experience for all traveling from near or far. Sydney Harbour Luxe Charters offers a wide variety of vessels that boast luxurious overnight accommodation. Why stay in a Sydney harbourside hotel when you have the option of staying on board Sydney Harbour itself!

For your on water accommodation, our high-end vessels are professionally crewed with 24/7 room service.There is no other way to experience the harbour in a more luxurious way. Our vessels boast staterooms that include king sized beds complete with en suites leaving you and your special guests in complete privacy & complete luxury on board Sydney Harbour.

Just like a hotel, with our on water accommodation there is no limit to how many nights you can stay on board.SHLC creates an itinerary to suit your individual requirements. Our personalised charter itineraries will give you the flexibility to visit specific destinations and to enjoy your personal interests which may include; diving, snorkelling, photography, fishing or just relaxing on board our world class vessels. You will have complete exclusivity of your chosen vessel and premium privacy.

Live-aboard charters are perfect to mark any special occasions, birthday, anniversary or even a wedding. If you’re looking to give your international guests the full “Sydney Harbour experience” look no further than our luxury accommodation. Our premium service along with our premium boats for hire will ensure that all your needs are met whilst staying on board, with full time crew & personal chefs.

Now I know your thinking that an overnight charter would be far too expensive! Well think again, we are happy to inform you that an overnight charters are affordable for all. We have a vessel to suit any budget.

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